Implemented the first Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) Virtual Network Function (VNF) as a control plane for managing new Remote PHY (R-PHY) Gigabit broadband network nodes. Released Assembler technology as an open source and contribution to the CableLabs Common Code Community (C3) Platform to develop tools for the analysis of complex broadband home networks.  


Developed the world’s first large-scale programmable DOCSIS network for one of the planet’s largest broadband service providers, demonstrating that the new age of Software Defined Networks has arrived.


Gigabit broadband has arrived! We created JetPacket – software for the development of programmable networks enabling delivery of high-performance gigabit broadband connectivity to the home. With it, we pioneered the first DOCSIS 3.1 control and optimization system.


Created Assembler – an intelligent system for the assurance of the broadband connected home experience. We also developed a new methodology for the reliability analysis of large-scale heterogeneous IPTV service delivery networks.


Our product, Pipeline, became licensed to over 40 million broadband subscribers. Gauvus acquired Pipeline technology to build the cable industry’s first Big Data Solution. We also developed and deployed the first software-defined broadband configuration management system for CCAP. 


Our product, Pipeline, deployments grew to over 30 million broadband subscribers. We also designed the first CCAP network automation and software defined configuration management tools. 


Contributing architects to the DOCSIS Provisioning of EPON (DPoE) specification. We also released Pipeline 4.0.


Our product, Pipeline, deployments expand to over 10 million broadband subscribers. We were also key contributors to the cable industry’s first standard metrics for DOCSIS residential high-speed data service assurance.


Deployed next-generation network dimensioning and capacity analytics tools for DOCSIS 3.0 multiservice networks.


Designed DOCSIS 3.0 topology models for the management of large-scale modular CMTS deployments.


Created Pipeline™, the world’s first commercial software system for the “Big Data” collection and analysis of IPDR data from DOCSIS networks. We also developed the first Internet speed test system proof of concept for an international research consortium. 


Developed the DCAS Authentication Proxy (AP) – a secure system for the management of video delivery entitlements in large-scale broadband networks. 


Lead architecture in the development of DCAS (Downloadable Conditional Access System) – the cable industry’s first software defined and open video delivery platform.


Key contributors to the adoption of Dynamic Quality of Service (DQoS) – this enabled high-speed data and VoIP deployments.


Developed a collector system for the world’s first interoperable DOCSIS IPDR/SP event at CableLabs. We were also key contributors to DOCSIS 3.0 architectures at CableLabs.


Key contributors to the PacketCable Multimedia specification – this enabled fair share and other dynamic service models.


Lead the design of a high-speed data over satellite service management system for the S-DOCSIS Satellite Modem.


Founded Stargus™: a software company that created the first large-scale commercial broadband network management system.


Technical advisors to the DOCSIS Certification Board for first approval of a standards-based Cable Modem.


Key engineers and architects of the original DOCSIS Cable Modem Specification. We also directed DOCSIS 11 RFI specification and PacketCable QoS initiatives – this technology enabled Cable VoIP.